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A cross-platform launcher for FlightGear
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CAircraftWidgetAircraft panel with a left/right splitter, model/proxy/tree vs selected
 CConfirmPageThe page that actually writes paths out, and reloads the cache
 CFileViewerWidgetShow a files contents, raw and pretty
 CHeaderWidgetThe HeaderWidget is the top part of the LauncherWindow and contains the info and a normally hidden message/info box
 CLauncherWindowThe LauncherWindow is raised and controlled by MainObject
 CMainObjectThe MainObject is an extended QObject, and the main "controller" for FGx
 CMenuWidgetThe MenuWidget is the top part of the LauncherWindow
 CXGroupGBoxA QGroupBox with a QGridLayout layout
 CXGroupHBoxA QGroupBox with a QHBoxLyout layout
 CXGroupVBoxA QGroupBox with a QVBoxLyout layout
 CXSettingsThe XSettings is an extended QSetttings, but also includes most to the FGx configuration
 CXSettingsModelThe XSettingsModel is an extended QStandardItemModel, and the main "setting and state" for FGx