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A cross-platform launcher for FlightGear
Todo List
Class AircraftWidget

need to abtract out the aircraft custom directories, ie built in and custom

qt5 need to serialise airarft cache to json

future is run next vs master vs others and detect versions..

download aircraft from remote.. WIP at

Member CoreSettingsWidget::add_fgfs_paths ()
Add Windows and OSX paths
Class FileViewerWidget

watch the file for changes and reload (checkbox) and info on last updated

this we need to create a model.. and a parser.. so we wait for qt5..

Member FileViewerWidget::setFile (QString file_name)
no error trapping, autodetect required
Member MenuWidget::on_menu_fgx_version_info ()
Create the help text
Member XSettings::restoreSplitter (QSplitter *splitter)
check for settings_namespace
Member XSettings::restoreWindow (QWidget *widget)
check screensize
Member XSettings::saveSplitter (QSplitter *splitter)
check for settings_namespace